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Accessories in fashion closet
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Firstly, I saw the rater before put fair hours, but what put me over the edge and is making me write my resignation letter after 3 weeks is that my boss yelled at me for picking up a class at school for fall and i can now only work 2 days instead of 3!
Also, the atmosphere is horrible. Yesterday other interns were telling me how when a certain person came into the closet, we either had to leave or not make a sound. I also was not learning anything more than to send back some samples and check some in which of course were part of the internship and was not a daunting task at all. BUT my boss never gave me credit for anything or taught me anything.
All i liked was my commute into New York because I love the city but being at work was a nightmare. Im quitting the internship now and hopefully finding a better one before school this fall. I was even warned before i got the internship and should have listened. And i know I was an intern, but i dont think anyone should ever feel like dirt

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